Know someone who may be open to new opportunities?
Know someone looking to make a move back to the MA area?

You can earn $10,000

To qualify for a referral bonus, the referral must be directed to the Human Resources department. Submission email to, you will receive a confirmation email that your referral is eligible.

  • Referrals will be valid for one year from submission. Referring persons must submit their referral recommendation before the preferred provider is contacted by Human Resources.
  • If more than one person makes the referral at the same time, the Physician Referral Bonus will be divided equally.
  • The external referral bonus does not apply for candidates who are already in our database, have previously applied or have been previous employee or have been provided to through another source (agency, employee referral, job fairs).
  • Candidates, agencies and third party vendors are not eligible for participation in this external referral bonus program.
  • Providers referred must not have already sourced by the HR department and must not come from or with the assistance of a recruitment firm/agency. You will receive a confirmation email to confirm your unique referral.
  • A referral does not automatically qualify for bonus payment; provider candidates must be hired to full-time or regular part-time position. Temporary and locums referrals are excluded, unless they subsequently move into a full-time or regular part-time position within one year of the referral date.
  • The bonus will be paid in two lump sum payments. The first 50% of the bonus will be paid after the successful completion of the 90 days of continuous employment; the 2nd 50% will be paid after the completion of six months. The bonus will be taxed in compliance with federal and state guidelines.
  • A referral is defined as someone outside Signature Healthcare. This does not include students, interns, observers or staff currently physically working at Signature Healthcare.
  • The position must be an active position, posted a Signature Healthcare career
  • The Referral Bonus Program may be revised or eliminated at the discretion of Senior Leadership and/or the HR Department. If you have any questions contact Geena Boidi, Provider Services Recruiting Specialist at 508-941-7437 or

To participate, please submit your referral’s resume/cv to